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Akpa Arinzechukwu is a Nigerian photographer and writer. His work has been published by or featured in Sou’wester, London Grip Poetry, Eastlit, ITCH, New Contrast and elsewhere. He was a finalist for the Sophia May Poetry Contest and on the longlist for the Koffi Addo Prize for Creative Nonfiction.




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Humanity’s gift for cruelty is unlimited, apparently, and our only chance for survival lies in voices like that of Akpa Arinze-chukwu, a voice that, in its warmth and insight, affirms the enduring power of hope and love.  ~ David Kirby, Guggenheim and National Endowment for the Arts Fellow. Author of The House on Boulevard St., National Book Award nominee.

This is one of the best poetry collections I’ve read in a long time. Arinzechukwu’s name should be added to that list of gifted contemporary poets who have arrived to tell us something.  ~ Saïd Sayrafiezadeh, author of When Skateboards Will Be Free and Brief Encounters with the Enemy.

If one wished to argue for poetry’s redemptive potential, Arinze-chukwu’s brilliant City Dwellers would offer the most compelling evidence imaginable.   ~ Sydney Lea, Pulitzer Prize finalist for Pursuit of a Wound, and Poet Laureate of Vermont.

Reading Arinzechukwu’s work, we read until we are living together in what wants to be known, and perhaps would not be known otherwise. To this end, what can I do to put it, to press it, City Dwellers, into your hands, whoever you are in the radical  elsewhere  where  this  book is received?   ~ Bhanu Kapil, Naropa University and Goddard College.

A Writers Ink Press, Splash of Red Edition

 Writers Ink Press, Writers Unlimited and its non-profit associate, Creative Happiness Institute, have undertaken a new project to publish books under the imprint SPLASH OF REDDylan Emerick-Brown will be editor and project director. Dr. David B. Axelrod, Writers Ink Press publisher, who is also Volusia County, Florida, Poet Laureate, will assist in the project.

Dylan is Head of the Department of English at Deltona High School, located in central Florida. His Splash of Red Press is the book-publishing arm of Howl, Deltona High School’s acclaimed student-run literary magazine. Howl is the first and only high school literary magazine to earn the distinction of being a member of the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses, and in 2017, was named by Literary Hub to be the “best high school lit mag in America.”

Students from Deltona High School will also act as interns/editors for the Splash of Red editions. They will also become of a part of Dr. Axelrod’s Young Poets Mentoring Program.

Two books are underway with the new collaboration, City Dwellersby Akpa Arinzechukwu, and A Black River, a Dark Fall, by William Doreski.

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