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Axelrod, David B. | Brown, J. Nell | Custureri, Mary | David, Gabrielle | Kuhner, Harry | Mankh (Walter E. Harris III) | Minor, Allen | Pels, Dan | Sharma,Yuyutsu | Stone, Merlin | Teller, Gayle |











ALL VOWS: New & Selected Poems.

Nirala Publications: New Delhi.  192 pages, paperback. ISBN 81-8250-082-6  

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2Leaf Press: New York, 2016. 680 pages, paperback. EXPLORATIONS IN DIVERSITY, Volume 1).  ISBN 978-194093-9-483.

“Breaking the white code of silence.”  Gabrielle David (Author, Editor), Sean Frederick Forbes (Author, Editor), Deborah Irving (Introduction), Tara Betts (Afterword).

While the literature on whiteness has long been dominated by an academic point of view, editors Gabrielle David and Sean Frederick Forbes came to the realization that there was an unmet need for an anthology of personal narratives about race and culture from the perspective of white Americans. In this conception process, WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE WHITE IN AMERICA? was born. The first of its kind, this collection of 82 personal narratives reflects a vibrant range of stories from white Americans who speak frankly and openly about race, not only as it applies to people of color, but as it applies to themselves.

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MUSINGS WITH THE GOLDEN SPARROW. All Books: Selden, NY, 2016. 188 pages, paperback. ASIN: B0748L84NS
The book is arranged in 64 sections and has vignettes about birds, including how to help protect them; plus tackling the challenges of: how to heal from trauma, how to relate as sisters and brothers, connecting with energies of the land and of Peoples living harmoniously before and amidst the divide&rule of global empires, how we get
impressed and un-impressed, what rubs us the wrong and right ways, honoring various choices of sexual identity, how the hunt for material gold and black-gold (oil) rules much of the world and how spiritual gold, community, respect for Mother Earth, and so on turns things in another direction…
Jung posited that, in our self-development as human beings we go through
different phases — shadow phase, anima-animus, self, God-self. Thus, world
affairs known as geo-politics are dominated by a shadow-play in which those
afraid to face their own shadows instead project those shadows onto others
and into world consciousness. …
“This noteworthy book is not to be taken lightly, but approached
with the lightness of an open soul. To allow the musings to come
inside and visit a while before deciding whether or not to agree
or disagree, or simply to continue to contemplate. Quotes and
histories from many generations of those who “know” and those
who have “experienced” the pain and elation of learning lessons
from trauma (although not all do) are mixed beautifully and
roundly with the author’s own searching journey, making a purist
mixture of what we all need to re-remember.”
                            – MariJo Moore, author/anthologist/seer/medium

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MERLIN STONE REMEMBERED: HER LIFE AND TIMES. Llewellyn Worldwide: Minnesotta, 2014. 360 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-07387-409-11.

 Learn the secrets of one of the most powerful women, Merlin Stone, author of When God Was a Woman. In this revealing biography you can glean: How to have a better relationship. How to feel personally empowered. How to find your spiritual center. David B. Axelrod (Author, Editor), Lenny Schneir (Author), Carol Thomas (Author), Gloria Orenstein (Introduction).

LIPS is sad to report the passing of Lenny Schneir and Carol Thomas.

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